$$Gameplan For Retirement $$

Neumeier Consulting, Inc.

Have you thought about your retirement gameplan?

If you're like many of us you haven't, hoping instead that everything comes together as it needs to, when it needs to.

Our seminars are designed to give you a financial jump start. Plus, as a follow up to our seminars we offer a complete, no fee review of your current retirement portfolio.



We can help to:

  • Answer your retirement preparation questions
  • Provide knowledgeable financial strategies
  • Create financial programs that match your tolerance for risk
  • Make informed decisions that are matched with your objectives
  • Provide realistic recommendations
  • Answer questions about IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401Ks, 403Bs and Rollover IRAs
  • Connect you with professional tax, estate and legal individuals

We specialize in the design and management of retirement accounts. Mike Neumeier and his staff have helped hundreds of clients prepare for retirement and can help you create a suitable, flexible  portfolio designed to work for you before and during retirement.

It's not too late to take steps towards for a comfortable retirement. Contact Chris to set up an appointment with Mike for a review of your current accounts. Call 410-902-0464 or email us today.


$$Gameplan For




"Work with us, we'll help you make your money work for you."